Extracting Cross-Domain Employability Indicators of E-Business Printing Industry in Taiwan

亮原 熊, 慕回 賴, 源都 蕭


The research aims at professionals serving with Taiwan’s current 1,000 printing businesses in an attempt to extract cross-domain employability of E-Business that the printing industry professional indicators should have in Taiwan. The pilot study aims at confirming and developing a questionnaire based on indicator of employability on E-Business in Printing Industry and the researchers designed Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) questionnaire and built its weight to present the cross-domain employability indicators related to E-Business. The research found that the eight main indicators are in the following order by importance: work attitude, teamwork, business operation ability, production/manufacturing ability, pre-press network integration ability, innovation ability, image-processing ability, and editing/design ability. The contribution can benefit the printing industry when recruiting new employee, and to serve as reference for the printing related departments in higher education.


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