The predictive model of imagination stimulation

朝雲 梁


The focus ofthis study was on developing a theoretical framework of imagination stimulationto: (1) examinethe effectsof personality, psychological and environmental variables on imagination in university students, (2) analyzethe predictive relationships between these identified variables; and (3) testthe mediator effect resulting from the variables of both intrinsic motivationand inspiration through action. 943 film majors fromeight universities across Taiwanserved as research subjects. The findings of this study providedempirical evidence to support the indicators of imaginative capabilities, psychological influence, and environmental influence. The hypothesis of the study—thatthe variables of both intrinsic motivationand inspiration through action mediate the effects of personality, psychological and environmentalpredictors,and both types of imagination—was partially supported. The structural model also showed that mostpersonality traits had direct effects on imagination, while most psychological andenvironmental predictors had indirect effects.


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